Rival of Aethers Roster

Matthew “MattyIce” Yarbrough

Hey Fam, my name is Matthew (MattyIce) Yarbrough, and I am The American Wrastor. I am a competitive Rivals of Aether Player on PC and Xbox One. I started playing Rivals of Aether in the Winter of 2016, since then I achieved 5th place at 2GG Hyrule Saga as well as 1st place at RCS December 2018 among other results. I had a 67 local tournament win streak that spanned across the Tallahassee and Tampa regions over a year from August, 2017 – November, 2018. I am a huge sports and anime fan. Florida State University Athletics and the Tampa Bay Rays are my favorite teams, and some of my favorite anime include: CLANNAD, Little Busters!, Major, and Kuroko no Basket.