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About BxA Zeta:

Hey guys I’m Zac Alexander, also known as Zeta. I’ve played video games for a REALLY long time. I’m 19, and have hit diamond in League of Legends, was into competitive CoD MW2, and Yugioh.  In smash I’m a ZSS main, with a plethora of secondaries, including Bayonetta and Marth. I’m steadily climbing in my region, North Florida, and fighting for first in my city. I’m more than grateful to BxA for the opportunity they’ve provided me and my partner Xmas, and am looking to attend anything and everything I can!


twitter: @ZetaSSB 


battlenet: Zeta#11554

PSLogo: Sh4dowflame76

steamlogo: Zeta

LeagueofLegends Summoner Name: SSB Zeta