The Big House 6


On Friday, October 7th thru Sunday, October 9th, 2016 BxA Sweet, BxA TekNo, and BxA Xane will be competing at The Big House 6 in Michigan. BxA Eevee will be commentating at The Big House 6. Sweet will represent BxA Gaming in Melee Singles & Doubles. TekNo & Xane will represent us in Smash 4 Singles & Doubles. Eevee will be commentating Smash 4 action on stream at: twitch.TV/unrivaledtournaments so make sure to check out that stream during the weekend and be on the lookout for BxA Eevee. Good luck to all of our players competing this weekend! #BxAFam


Date Time Season
October 7, 2016 6:10 pm 2016

Event Type

Major Event

At The Big House 6 in Melee Singles BxA Sweet placed 129th out of 1,563 entrants and in Melee Doubles Sweet & his partner Benstillerfan69 placed 49th out of 323 entrants. In Smash 4 Singles BxA TekNo placed 65th & BxA Xane placed 97th out of 777 entrants. In Smash 4 Doubles BxA TeKno & his partner Colinies placed 49th and BxA Xane & his partner Plokmok placed 97th out of 195 entrants. BxA Eevee did a great job commentate during the weekend. Way to go Sweet, TekNo, Xane, and Eevee. All of you guys did great at the event. #BxAFam