Summer Jam


On August 19th thru 21st, 2016 members of the BxA Fighting Games team will be competing at Summer Jam inĀ Essington, PA. Competing in Killer Instinct will be BxA FrankTheHuman & BxA Jackal. Representing BxA in Mortal Kombat XL will be BxA Jackal, BxA Hornett, and BxA Squall. Competing in Tekken 7 will be BxA KoDee. Representing BxA Gaming in Street Fighter V will be BxA AirJuggle, BxA FrankTheHuman, BxA Hornett, BxA MackAttack, and BxA Squall. The guys are all looking forward to competing at Summer Jam and also supporting each other. For more information about Summer Jam visit:Ā


Date Time Season
August 19, 2016 10:21 pm 2016

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At Summer Jam X BxA Jackal placed 3rd in Killer Instinct, BxA KoDee placed 5th in Tekken Tag 2, and BxA Squall placed 17th in Street Fighter V. Other members of the team faced tough competitors in their respective pools. Everyone had a great time coming together as a team and meeting as this was the first time that some of the members of our Fighting Games team members had met each other. The team is looking ahead to future events where they can all attend together and support each other. We're extremely proud of everyone.