South Louisiana Major (SLAM) 2017


South Louisiana Major (SLAM) 2017 is a multi-fighter game major that is held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana yearly by Level 482 LLC. This even pulls in many players top players from different regions, including our very own BxA Star Charger. This even will be Star Charger’s debut since he was signed into the Broken Alliance Mortal Kombat team, and we have high hopes for him. The tournament can be watched through live stream on

Make sure to go follow Star Charger on twitter and wish him luck in this event! Star’s twitter: @StarCharger28

To find more information on the tournament, and to see live bracket updates, go to:


Date Time Season
April 1, 2017 12:00 pm 2017

Event Type


Placing (Out of 25 Entrants): Star Charger 1st