SoCal Regionals 2016


On Friday, October 14th thru Sunday, October 16th, 2016 BxA Jackal & BxA DevilMayCare will be competing at SoCal Regionsl (SCR) 2016 which is being held in Santa Ana, California. DevilMayCare will be competing in Killer Instinct & Jackal will be competing in Mortal Kombat XL & Killer Instinct. Good Luck guys! #BxAFam


Date Time Season
October 13, 2016 6:11 pm 2016

Event Type

Major Event

At SCR 2016 both BxA DevilMayCare & BxA Jackal made it into the Top 8 in Killer Instinct. For their first match-up in Top 8 the guys unfortunately had to face one another in a tough team battle. The guys both performed great. In the end DevilMayCare came out with the victory and moved on to continue in Top 8. The final placings in Killer Instinct at SCR 2016 were BxA Jackal in 7th & and BxA DevilMayCare in 5th. BxA Jackal also competed in Mortal Kombat XL at SCR. In pool play he went 3-2 but unfortuantely was unable to make it out of pools after facing some tough competition. Amazing job at SCR to both Devil & Jcakal! You played great during the entire weekend. We're extremely proud of both of you. #BxAFam