Shuffle: Battle of the Midwest


Shuffle: Battle of the Midwest is a regional event that takes place in Columbus, Ohio for all currently competitive Super Smash Brothers titles. The event has hundreds of attendees every time that it is held, and is one of the biggest Midwest Smash tournaments that exists, if not the biggest. It pulls in big players from around the country, and 2 of our own players went this time, BxA Xane and BxA EMPEROR Eevee. The event will take place on for Smash 4 singles, and other events will be on other channels, that you can find on the tournament page.

Make sure to wish our players luck on twitter and give them a follow! Xane’s twitter: @RhodenXane Eevee’s twitter: @Senpai_Eevee

For more information about the tournament, and live bracket updates, go here:


Date Time Season
April 1, 2017 12:00 pm 2017

Event Type


Placings: Singles (Out of 81 Entrants): Xane 7th || Eevee 17th Doubles (Out of 17): Xane & Eevee 2nd