Red Bull Proving Grounds 2017 – Mix Up Monthly #2


Mix-Up Monthly is a set of regional qualifiers for the Red Bull Proving Grounds that is held in Chicago by Ignite Gaming Lounge for Street Fighter V. The top 3 players over the course of three monthly tournaments are flown to Santa Monica, California for the Red Bull Proving Grounds tournament. There, the 11 regions compete in a 3v3 team tournament where the winning team gets a paid trip to Evo 2017, along with the top 8 from their region. On April 1st, BxA Squall and BxA DavidAce will be competing for points towards being able to go on this trip, along with a large group of attendees from the region, and surrounding areas.

Be sure to go follow them on twitter and wish them luck! Squall’s twitter: @BxASquall DavidAce’s twitter: @FGC_DavidAce

More information about Mix Up Monthly #2 and live bracket updates can be found at: as well as more information about Redbull Proving Grounds will be at:


Date Time Season
April 1, 2017 12:00 pm 2017

Event Type


Placings (Out of 76 Entrants): Squall 2nd || DavidAce 25th