Red Bull Proving Grounds 2016 – Mix-up Monthly #4


On Sunday, September 25th, 2016 BxA Squall and BxA DavidAce will be in Street Fighter V action at Red Bull Proving Grounds 2016 – Mix-up Monthly #4 in Chicago, Illinois.  The event will be held at Ignite Gaming Lounge. Mix-up Monthly is the the Chicago qualifier for Red Bull Proving Grounds. BxA Squall is currently in 2nd place overall and if he can hold this position or move higher, after this last event he will advance to go out to Santa Monica, California for the Proving Grounds finals on October 22nd for a piece of $5K in cash prizes and a shot to win a trip to Red Bull Battlegrounds! BxA DavidAce is currently in 6th place and is looking to move up in the standings. Good Luck Squall & DavidAce!


Date Time Season
September 25, 2016 5:48 pm 2016

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BxA DavidAce placed 13th at Mix-up Monthly #4. BxA Squall secured 3rd placing in the final standings of the Red Bull proving grounds qualifiers and will among the qualifiers attending the next phase of the proving grounds out in California in October. The guys had a great time at Mix-up Monthly #4.