Pound 2016 – April 2-3, 2016


On Saturday, April 2nd 2016 thru Sunday, April 3rd 2016 BxA TekNo & BxA Munenori will be in¬†McLean, VA competing in Smash 4 doubles & singles at Pound 2016. For more information about this event visit:¬†https://smash.gg/tournament/pound-2016/details. We wish BxA TekNo & BxA Munenori good luck and we know they’ll represent BxA proudly.


Date Time Season
April 2, 2016 10:24 am 2016

Event Type


On April 2nd & 3rd 2016 BxA TekNo & BxA Munenori competed at Pound 2016 in McLean, Virginia. TekNo placed 49th in Smash 4 singles, there were 531 competitors. TekNo's placing earned him a top 64 placing. Munenori competed in singles and placed 65th. TekNo and Munenori competed in Smash 4 doubles and placed 33rd. The guys have a good time competing at the event and networking with fellow Smash 4 competitors.