Michigan Masters 2017


In a mall outside of Detroit, Michigan, there will be a regional fighting tournament where most of Michigan’s fighting game regions, and other surrounding areas, come together to host one big, weekend long event. Our very own BxA Jackal will be competing in Killer Instinct, as well as BxA Squall will be competing in Street Fighter V, both events will be happening on Sunday, April 2nd. The tournament will be streamed on http://twitch.tv/theAlmightyLPZ, so make sure that you tune in and support our players, as well as check out the VoDs after the event is over to watch our players compete!

Make sure to wish them luck on twitter! Jackal’s twitter: @PureIllumatic Squall’s twitter: @BxASquall

For more information on the tournament, and see live bracket updates, go to: https://smash.gg/tournament/michigan-masters-2017/details


Date Time Season
April 2, 2017 12:00 pm 2017

Event Type


Placings: Jackal (Killer Instinct): 3/9 || Squall (Street Fights): 17/71