January 6th thru 8th, 2017 BxA Gweedo, Eevee, Ragnarok, Jackal, DavidAce, and Squall will be attending & competing at Kumite in Franklin, Tennessee. Eevee will be competing and doing commentary in Smash 4. Gweedo, Ragnarok & Jackal will all represent BxA in Mortal Kombat XL. BxA Jackal & Gweedo will see action in Killer Instinct. Representing the organization in Street Fighter V will be BxA DavidAce & Squall. Good Luck Guys!!


Date Time Season
January 6, 2017 8:45 pm 2017

Event Type

Major Event

At Kumite in Franklin, Tennessee all of the players from BxA had a great time! The guys enjoyed seeing & cheering on each other. They also shared what a good time they had catching up with their fellow competitors and. Everyone was pleased with how well the event was ran, they're looking forward to next years event. BxA Squall placed 7th in Street Fighter V, kicking off the 2017 tournament season with a good start. Congratulations Squall! Eevee, Ragnarok, Gweedo, Jackal, DavidAce, and Squall all did a great job representing the BxA Family. We're proud of each of you guys!!!