The Frostbite event is being held inĀ  Ann Arbor Michigan on Saturday, February 13th, 2016. Representing BxA Gaming at this event is: BxA Beegs, BxA Munenori, and BxA TekNo. BxA Beegs will compete in Melee singles and Smash 4 singles. BxA Munenori and BxA TekNo will compete in the Smash 4 Singles and Smash 4 Doubles.

The matches will be streamed on the following Twitch channels:

  • Smash 4 – GooshiGaming |
  • Melee – Events2Compete |



Date Time Season
February 13, 2016 4:20 pm 2016

Event Type


What an event FrostBite 2016 in Michigan was. First off I'd like to say that our team had a great time. BxA Beegs completed in both Melee singles & Smash 4 singles. In Melee Beegs placed 25th and in Smash 4 he placed 65th out of 175. BxA Munenori completed in Smash 4 Doubles, with BxA TekNo, and also Smash 4 singles. In Smash 4 singles BxA Munenori placed 49th out of 175. BxA EMPR Eevee also attended FrostBite and competed in Smash 4 where he placed 33rd. BxA TekNo competed in Smash 4 Doubles, with BxA Munenori, and also Smash 4 singles. In Smash 4 doubles BxA TekNo & BxA Munenori placed T17. BxA Tekno in Smash 4 singles placed 9th.