Evolution 2016


On July 15th thru 17th, 2016 BxA Darkshad and BxA Squall will be competing at Evolution (EVO) 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. BxA Darkshad will be competing in Smash 4 and BxA Squall will be competing in MK XL & Street Fighter V.


Date Time Season
July 15, 2016 1:23 pm 2016

Event Type


BxA Darkshad made it out of pool play and into round 2 in Smash 4. We're extremely proud of his performance at his very first EVO. In Mortal Kombat XL BxA Squall faced tough competition and did not make it out of pool play. In Street Fighter V BxA Squall placed 17th out of over 5,000 competitors. We couldn't be more proud of Squall and how he performed at EVO, this was his first appearance at EVO, he definitely will be back.