ESEA Dreamhack Tours Qualifier


The Dreamhack Tours Qualifiers is a set of tournaments hosted before a Dreamhack major to be invited to the Dreamhack even that it precedes for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. How it works is that there is a 128 team open qualifier that the top 4 from that are invited to a closed qualifier. The closed qualifier consists of 8 teams, 4 from the open qualifier, and 4 invited teams from the region. Whoever wins the closed qualifier from each region (North America and Europe) is then invited, with 6 other invited pro teams to compete at the Dreamhack event. Our CS:GO team will compete, seeing it as a way to possibly make it to a major.

Make sure to wish them luck and give them follows on twitter! @tacituuuus @epathycs @1grimcs @crazylegs_cs @pacifistgo @CSper7ection

More information about the tournament can be found at:


Date Time Season
April 1, 2017 4:00 pm 2017

Event Type

Online Tournament

Placings: Our CS:GO team placed 5-8 in the open qualifier, losing their qualifying match to TheGosuCrew