Congrats Again


This Northern Florida regional, held by Jax Smash, is a great place for Smash players in the region to get together and see how they measure up against everyone else. Taking place in Jacksonville, Florida, the event will host some of the top players in the Florida area, including MVG members, like Salem, and many of our players as well. Taking place on Saturday only, the regional hosts 6 bracketed tournaments between 3 Smash games, and a total of $555 in pot bonuses, added to what goes into the pot from registration. Our very own Zeta, Xmas, and Tachyon will be competing for the prize pool, and for the competition. To see more information about the tournament, and live bracket updates, go to:

You can check out the Streams for the event at: and

Make sure to go wish all of our players luck!


Date Time Season
June 3, 2017 10:00 am 2017

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