Come to Papa 3 Recap

Come To Papa 3 was an incredible event with tons of great qualities that contributed to its success. It was organized exceptionally well by an amazing staff. The event featured games such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Melee, Mortal Kombat 11, SFV, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, Tekken 7, and more. With over 800 attendees and many brackets to participate in, there was a lot to do throughout both days of the event.

The results for the following events are as followed:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate:

  • 1st. MVD
  • 2nd. Raito
  • 3rd. Muteace
  • 4th. BxA Tachyon
  • 5th. dyr
  • 5th. Sonido
  • 7th. Samsora
  • 7th. Vinny G

Super Smash Bros Melee:

  • 1st. Zain
  • 2nd. Hungrybox
  • 3rd. Colbol
  • 4th. Gahtzu
  • 5th. Blea Gelo
  • 5th. Sinbad
  • 7th. 4est
  • 7th. Wevans

Super Smash Bros Brawl:

  • 1st. MVD
  • 2nd. Purple Guy
  • 3rd. Viper
  • 4th. G-Dub
  • 5th. Xaltis
  • 5th. Ish
  • 7th. Samsora
  • 7th. Poltergust

Super Smash Bros. Project M:

  • 1st. Cala
  • 2nd. 4est
  • 3rd. Noghrilla
  • 4th. Zigludo
  • 5th. Juanpi
  • 5th. Scarfy
  • 7th. AfroWonder
  • 7th. Osmosis

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle:

  • 1st. Fabled Sandwich
  • 2nd. Cookie
  • 3rd. Garfield
  • 4th. BxA Argenrost
  • 5th. Ronan Healey
  • 5th. Zevf
  • 7th. DonniePhresh
  • 7th. ProXYG

Dragon Ball FighterZ:

  • 1st. BxA A$AP R1CKY
  • 2nd. BxA Mr Mulatto
  • 3rd. BxA Red X
  • 4th. HeavyCura
  • 5th. BeyondToxin
  • 5th. Ksack
  • 7th. Shinobi
  • 7th. P.O.O

Mortal Kombat 11:

  • 1st. BeyondToxin
  • 2nd. Forever King
  • 3rd. Arcaeus
  • 4th. I$AAC
  • 5th. Alright RyRy
  • 5th. BxA Argenrost
  • 7th. Every 3k
  • 7th. BxA Lord Shyste


  • 1st. Rowe
  • 2nd. NG-Obscure
  • 3rd. Ridz
  • 4th. Caskan
  • 5th. TruthThe9
  • 5th. KRS_Clint
  • 7th. Ronan Healy
  • 7th. Odd Future

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

  • 1st. RushdownV2
  • 2nd. tartimeFL
  • 3rd. Orwando
  • 4th. SHIN MATT
  • 5th. Sympov2
  • 5th. Jox in a Box
  • 7th. ABake48
  • 7th. A4 Darkice

Tekken 7:

  • 1st. KoDee
  • 2nd. NG-Obscure
  • 3rd. Mae Mae
  • 4th. BxA Reflex
  • 5th. Hornzisbadgg
  • 5th. Danny B
  • 7th. BxA Lord Shyste
  • 7th. xTRU3x 20z

Under Night In-Birth Eve: Late[st]:

  • 1st. ShinsoBEAM
  • 2nd. BxA Argenrost
  • 3rd. Cookie
  • 4th. Pirateyoshi
  • 5th. RafyToro
  • 5th. Orwando
  • 7th. MindlessDP
  • 7th. Travioli

A few of BxA’s players had a few words to say about the event overall.

“It was pretty awesome!” BxA’s Tachyon commented. “I love Florida regionals when everyone from all the regions can come together and compete and hang out.” Tachyon went on to state that the end of the era of Super Smash Bros for Wii U was severely lacking in regionals that brought everyone together, so he was very happy to be a part of this event.

BxA’s Argenrost was also very happy with the event. “CTP3 was a great event on the FGC side! The MK11 tournament was run very well for it being so soon after release, and the anime FGs got a lot of positive attention and competitive turnout.” He went on to say. “Tong always does a great job organizing FGC brackets and CTP3 was no exception. For being primarily a Smash event, I’m glad the FGC side got the attention it needed.”

The main event of Come to Papa 3 was its singles bracket for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and the top 8 was full of talent, but many were surprised to find such a rare match up being played in Grand Finals. Japan’s Raito, a master of Duck Hunt, sat eagerly on winners side of grand finals against MVD, one of the strongest Snake players in the world. The two incredibly intelligent players faced off in an explosive set full of exciting trap-based gameplay in a match up that most players have never seen at a high level. MVD reset the bracket in a confident 3-0 fashion, but the second set wasn’t nearly as one-sided. Raito took the first game and the set went to game five, but MVD was still able to close out the set in his favor.

The tournament was an excellent display of heart from not only the Smash community, but the FGC as well. As shown in the past with the first and second Come to Papa, it was truly a tournament shaped entirely through love for both communities, and we expect even more success from this tournament series in the future.

Written by: Kowai Ookami