Smash Conference United 2019 Recap

MVG League’s Smash Conference United will undoubtedly be a tournament to be remembered. The event was held January 5th thru 6th, 2019 at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center in Port St. Lucie, FL. The event brought in a plethora of high level players, such as ZeRo, Samsora, Dabuz, MVD, MkLeo, and more, creating a terrifying bracket and one of the most stacked Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournaments since the game’s release in December of 2018.

While Smash Ultimate served the role of the event’s poster child, Smash Conference United hosted tournaments for several other titles as well, including Super Smash Bros Melee, UNIST, Tekken 7, Soul Calibur VI, and Dragon Ball FighterZ, SFV, and Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle.

Majority of games at the event came to their conclusions on day one of the tournament. The event was full of amazing sets and glorious matches for each game. The placements were as followed:
Melee Singles:
1. Liquid | Hungrybox
2. WLG | Blea Gelo
3. MVG | King Momo

Melee doubles:
1. Dashiswiz/Blea Gelo
2. KamiKaze/Taco
3. Sizzler/Friendly Juice

Smash 64:
1. Loto
2. ND64 | B33F
3. ND64| Dogs_Johnson

Fighting Games Results

Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle
1. Nightmare
2. Fabled Sandwich
3. BlitzKinG

Dragon Ball FighterZ:
2. BxA Mr Mulatto
3. GoTE | Vinny G

Guilty Gear Xrd REV2:
1. Hotashi
2. STL | Lotus
3. SimpleTricks

Street Fighter V:
1. PapaGuaty
2. TarotimeFL

Soul Calibur VI:
1. Rowe
2. DimeSC
3. Morath

Tekken 7:
1. NG-Obscure
2. F101 | Mae Mae
3. BxA Reflex

1. BxA Argenrost
2. LiveDry | Beautifulhair
3. RafyToro

Day one of the event was extremely exciting and the passion from all the players of their respective games filled the room with energy. “The talent exhibited at this tournament made me want more competition.” BxA’s Ricky Walker NS stated. “On the subject of my bracket experience, simply put, I was amazed at the level Florida has reached in dbfz. I ended up winning but I learned so much that night that it has made me a better player.” BxA’s Lord Shyste also had a few words to say about the event. “My personal bracket experience was actually great.” He recalled. “It was great learning experience. I got to talk to some of my teammates at BxA which actually benefited my performance in tournaments afterward.” BxA’s Agrenrost agreed about his tournament experience as well, stating that “the bracket runners were clearly experienced” that he didn’t have to deal with any significant delays to his matches. He believed the traditional fighting game portion of the tournament put together well and he hopes to see that become a trend.

Though all of the tournaments were full of hype, the shining star of the event, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, went on to the event’s second day. BxA’s smash competitors, Tachyon, Ross, and Xmas, who placed 13th, 33rd, and 49th respectively, had a few things to say about their experiences at the event. “Man do I love this game!” BxA’s Tachyon said. “Even when I lost I was just so happy and grateful I could be out here playing for my friends and BxA. So many people were so loving and supportive it was unreal and I almost cried tears on Sunday.” Tachyon pulled impressive wins over players such as Mew2King and Prince Ramen during his electrifying bracket run. BxA Ross had an outstandingly clutch win against Avenger’s Diddy Kong and an opportunity to play against ZeRo.  “I had a fantastic time competing in the event.” Ross stated. “Overall the event was very spacious and nice. Got to see a lot of Florida friends from previous games that I was happy to see. A great time and a great learning experience.”

Smash Ultimate’s top 8 was a complete roller coaster of thrilling matches. Winners semifinals was a crazy ride as Dabuz faced off against MkLeo’s monstrous Ike. While Dabuz put up a good fight, MkLeo’s well spaced n-airs and incredible mid range pressure led to swift 3-0. Salem’s Link managed to take it 3-1 over MuteAce’s peach in a good showcasing of both characters. MVD’s Snake and Myran’s Olimar squared off in a battle of flinging projectiles, but MVD was able to take that set in a 3-1 fashion, despite the set beginning with a win from Myran. Morpheus’s Mega Man and Samsora’s Peach faced off in an intricate battle of technicality. Most of the game of that set were close, but Samsora manages to close it 3-1. Arguably one of the most exciting sets of the top 8 was losers finals, Liquid MVG Salem va EU Samsora. The set was a crazy back and forth of wins but in the end, Samsora clutched game five with a well timed f-air to close out the set 3-2. Samsora went on to face to Echofox MVG MkLeo. Both players played miraculously, presenting each of their characters at the highest level. Samsora our all of his effort into a bracket reset, going up 2-0 against MkLeo before he manages to take a game. But one game was all it took for MkLeo to ride that momentum and turned the whole set around with a reverse 3-0 to win the tournament.

The final placings for Super Smash Bros Ultimate singles and doubles goes as followed:

Smash Ultimate Doubles:
1. Dark Wizzy/Salem
2. MkLeo/Wizzrobe
3. Zero/Mew2King

Smash Ultimate Singles:
1. Echofox MVG MkLeo
2. eUnited Samsora
3. Liquid MVG Salem

Smash Conference United was an exciting event that brought in heaps of talent. The tournament was full of upsets and showed that both top players and up and coming players alike have a lot to bring to the table with this brand new game. Smash Conference was one of the first big tournaments for Smash Ultimate, and a stepping stone for exciting storylines that are only in their exposition.

Written by: Kowai Ookami