Interview with StarCharger regarding KIT 2018

After his 9th place finish at KIT on January 5th-7th,2018 I had the opportunity to interview with Starcharger. I got to know him a little bit and know more of his thought process before and during KIT.

  • Jamm: First Question, Who do you main for MKXL?
  • StarCharger: The greatest character in MK History lol: Kitana
  • Jamm: Did you ever consider counter picking during or matches or did you decide to stick with your main Kitana?
  • StarCharger: I always stick with Kitana. She matches my play style like no other in MK and has done so since MK2. She’s the only character that I’ve ever had fun using and I’ll always continue using her.
  • Jamm: I saw on the BxA website that you took 9th at KIT, how can you improve from your 9th place finish to a potential victory?
  • Starcharger: Well with MKX it was my worst finish since Combo Breaker last year when I also got 9th.  Presently speaking, most of the top players grind Injustice 2 or other newer games instead of MK. So all I can do is watch film, break it down, learn from the mistakes made (especially the ones made vs SonicFox and UnvearableSkill), then apply that when I play MK again.
  • Jamm: Was SonicFox or UnvearableSkill your toughest opponent during bracket?
  • StarCharger: Well I’ve faced them both before and I knew what it would take to beat him and unfortunately I fell short in the last game. I had beaten UnbearableSkill before and he played lights out this time. Hats off to them both.
  • Jamm: How much practice did you get before traveling to KIT?
  • Starcharger: I practiced a pretty extreme amount (compared to my usual routine) leading up to the tourneys. And like always I try to also get a lot of rest during the tournament weekend to stay fresh
  • Jamm: What is the next bracket you plan to enter?
  • Starcharger: It will all depend on if there will or will not be a Pro Series for Injustice 2. If that’s not a factor or If I don’t attend Winter Brawl or Final Round 21, then I will be at Texas Showdown. After that is Combo Breaker then there’s CEO before EVO.
  • Jamm: Did you enjoy your time at KIT and are you planning to attend 2019 KIT?
  • Starcharger: KIT is always an enjoyable event. And being there with most of the team and having fun with them made it even better. I do indeed plan to return. The tournament treats our scene very nicely.
  • Jamm: Any advice for those people who might consider to pick up MKXL?
  • Starcharger:Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the guys that have been there before. The game is essentially 3 years old going on 4 and is pretty fleshed out at this point and can be taught from the ground up.
  • Jamm: Alright thank you for your time, enjoy the rest of your day.
  • StarCharger: Of course. Likewise

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