Interview with Squall regarding KIT 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with Squall to talk to him about his performance at KIT on January 5th-7th,2018. He placed 5th in the Street Fighter 5 bracket.

Jamm: Alright first question, who did you play during bracket at KIT?

Squall: I played Necalli.


Jamm: Did you ever consider counter picking during any of your matches during your matches at KIT?

Squall: Not at all. Necalli was the only person I worked on. I purposely did this to remove the temptation on switching characters.


Jamm: How can you improve for your gameplay and utilize it for the next bracket you enter?

Squall: The biggest thing for me is working on anti airing. My neutral is pretty good so that’s the last part of my game I need to complete.


Jamm: Who was your toughest match during bracket at KIT?

Sqaull: My toughest match had to be Smug. Balrog is Necalli’s worst match up.


Jamm: Before you traveled to KIT, how much practice did you get?

Squall: Quite a bit. I practiced almost everyday and went to local tournaments.


Jamm: What is the next major you plan to attend?

Squall: I plan to attend final round next.


Jamm: Any advice for those people who might consider picking up Street Fighter V?

Squall: Practice noticing patterns and practice neutral before combos. Everything comes with good neutral.


Jamm: Where can your fans follow you? (twitter, twitch, etc.)

Squall: You can follow me at BxASquall and my twitch is:


Jamm: Thank you for your time and see you next time.

Squall: Same to you


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