A Look Back At CoolKid’s Amazing Run at Red Bull Battlegrounds

Content Writer – Unity

After CoolKid’s amazing run through the Red Bull Battlegrounds event, I had a chance to sit down with him and talk about his preparedness for Red Bull, newfound popularity, and more.

Unity: Alright, first off, and probably the most important question, how did you feel doing into Red Bull Battlegrounds? A stacked tourney of around 300 people must have been a huge mental hurdle, even for a confident competitor like yourself

CoolKid: I was very comfortable heading into red bull. Any tournament I go to I am very confident, not overly confident to the point of being cocky, but enough confidence to know that I put in the work to be here and I know I can do it. It got a bit harder mentally when I lost my first round of top 64. Having to play on loser’s side was so tough.

Unity: The matches you had seemed tough the whole way for sure. Did you plan to go Abigail the whole way through?

CoolKid: Yeah, I had to switch out Abigail for Rashid vs FANG. Fang is a rare character to see but I know enough about him to know that the matchup is not good. It’s not ridiculously bad, but Rashid does much better in the matchup.

Unity: Now the big one, how did you feel during Grand Finals, and eventually winning the whole thing? From lurking in twitch chat, you seemed to be a fan favorite for a lot of people

CoolKid: When I made it to grand finals it all felt like such a dream. I could not believe I was making that losers side run like I was and then making it to grand finals. You envision things for yourself but to see it happening is really mind blowing, and winning the tournament was huge for me because I always have been the guy to put on a good match but lose. It was truly a blessing that I thank God for. When I actually won, and I see everyone cheering for me and going crazy it was just unbelievable. I knew my wife was happy and screaming too. I felt her in my spirit while I was playing.

Unity: After seeing that Red Bull spot of you and your wife, it’s evident how much support she is giving you. The hype she brings is just icing on the cake.
Now about the top 8 with 801Strider, JWong, etc. How did you feel moving into that field after your momentum of running the Red Bull event all the way through losers?
CoolKid: It was such an honor to be up there with all them. Knowing that I even got that far. But while it is a pleasure to be up there with some amazing players I still am confident in my ability. I don’t let names or history of players scare me. They are all human just like me.

Unity: Definitely a great way to look at it. So now I must know, how are you dealing with all this newfound popularity? Red Bull spots, TMZ, it must be all kind of crazy for both you and your wife

CoolKid: I’ll be at the LCQ that’s coming up next week. Lord willing, I can win that and be in Capcom Cup. You’ll see more of me in 2018 as well. I’ll leave it at that.

Unity: Well, I wish you the best of luck at the LCQ, and I will be watching for your name in 2018 for sure. Thank you for your time man.

CoolKid: Thank you sir, and no problem at all! Take care and thank you for your time as well.