BxA Gaming welcomes Mexiii as our newest Content Writer!

BxA Gaming is excited to welcome & introduce Carlos “Mexiii” Nevarez as our newest Content Writer. Please give Carlos a follow on Twitter at: @Carlos8Nevarez. Look for Carlos’s articles toe be posted on the BxA Gaming website very soon!

When asked to provide an introduction Carlos shared: “Hey guys, my name is Carlos Nevarez and I am thrilled to join BxA! I got into esports through playing CS:GO since 2015. I saw stickers on people’s weapons about professional teams and events and decided to look more into it. From there, I’ve been an avid fan of pretty much all games with an esports scene and decided to pair that with my writing skills to become a content writer.”

Welcome to the BxA Family Carlos. We’re excited to work with you!

Thank you #BxAFam for all of your support


Chief Operating Officer of BxA Gaming