BxA Gaming welcomes our new Rainbow Six Siege PC Team

BxA Gaming is excited to announce our new Rainbow Six Siege team. The team will represent the organization on PC and go by the team name of Broken Alliance.

In speaking with Yeti he wanted to share this with everyone: “I would like to show my appreciation to Broken Alliance for staying with me and roadrunner as we had a change of plat form as well as signing my team members. As Captain I have high goals and expectations for me and my team, our ultimate goal is to make it to pro league and win a championship at LAN.”

If you are interested in scheduling a scrim against the team please contact the team captain: Xander “Yeti”, Twitter: @Xanderaan.

We’re excited to have the team in our organization and are looking forward to seeing them compete.

Thank you #BxAFam for all of your support