BxA Gaming welcomes StreamMe as our newest Partner

We are proud to announce a new partnership with StreamMe! Please give them a follow on Twitter at: @StreamMe. Do not fear, your favorite BxA streamers are not disappearing, we just have a new home! 

StreamMe’s focus is to Support the Streamers, and to do that they offer some awesome incentives. Want to have a subscribe button? Get yourself 50 followers and you can apply for it! Want to stream with friends? They offer multistreaming too! With StreamMe, there is nothing you can’t do! Any other questions? Head on over to their F.A.Q. section and see for yourself: https://www.stream.me/pages/faq

Become part of #TeamStreamMe and check out StreamMe today! https://www.stream.me

Here is a list of all  the currently created BxA StreamMe links, please be sure to head on over and give them a follow!