BxA Gaming welcomes BxA Tachyon as our newest Smash 4 player

BxA Gaming is pleased to welcome & introduce Elvis “Tachyon” Gozic as our newest Smash 4 player. Like fellow teammates Xmas & Zeta, Tachyon also resides in Jacksonville, Florida and is well known & respected in the Jacksonville Smash community. Tachyon is currently ranked 2nd on the Jacksonville Smash 4 Power Rankings and hungry to climb higher. One of Elvis’s goals is to travel more to events outside of Florida, this is a goal we will work with him to make happen. Please welcome Elvis to the BxA Family and follow him on Twitter: @Sm4sh_Tachyon.

When asked to provide an introduction Elvis shared: “My name is Elvis Gozic and I go by the name Tachyon. I play Smash 4 and have been playing competitively for nearly two years now. I main Pikachu and am one of the top Pikachu’s in the state of Florida. I’ve been playing video games my whole life and my favorite franchise is Pokemon. I just graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science and psychology and hope to pursue a masters degree. I hope to keep improving in smash 4 to climb and gain many valuable experiences on this journey.”

We’re excited to work with Tachyon and to watch him compete.

Thank you #BxAFam for all of your support


Chief Operating Officer of BxA Gaming