BxA Gaming welcomes our two newest Smash 4 players

BxA Gaming is pleased to welcome & introduce Anthony “Xmas” DiNatale & Zac “Zeta” Alexander as our two newest Smash 4 players. Both Xmas & Zeta reside in Jacksonville, Florida and are BxA’s first Smash 4 players from Florida. The guys are currently ranked 3rd & 4th on the Jacksonville Smash 4 Power Rankings and hungry to climb higher. Please welcome both Anthony & Zac to the BxA Family and follow them on Twitter: @Pkmntrainerxmas & @ZetaSSB. Make sure to also watch their streams on Twitch at: xmasknight94zetassb.

When asked to provide an introduction Anthony shared: “Hey everyone! Xmas here and I would like to introduce myself to everyone. I originally started playing competitive Smash back in the Super Smash Brothers Brawl days. I was a little Falco main with a dream, a dream to push myself in the competitive scene and aspire to great heights! Right now I am a Mewtwo/Shulk main with a secondary Cloud. My one goal for this game is to improve and push myself with the characters that I enjoy playing, while having a lot of fun on the side. Right now I currently work part-time at a grocery store while looking for a career in Forensic Science, as I graduated with a degree in said field from Florida Gulf Coast University. Other games I enjoy casually are Persona, Paper Mario, and other fun PC games/rpgs on Nintendo consoles. Other interests I have are Ultimate Frisbee, films, and going swimming! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want advice about the game, and most importantly. Get Your Game On!”

Zac wanted to share the following with everyone: “Hey guys I’m Zac Alexander, also known as Zeta. I’ve played video games for a REALLY long time. I’m 19, and have hit diamond in League of Legends, was into competitive CoD MW2, and Yugioh.  In Smash I’m a ZSS main, with a plethora of secondaries, including Bayonetta and Marth. I’m steadily climbing in my region, North Florida, and fighting for first in my city. I’m more than grateful to BxA for the opportunity they’ve provided me and my partner Xmas, and am looking to attend anything and everything I can!”

We’re excited to work with both Xmas & Zeta and to watch them compete.

Thank you #BxAFam for all of your support


Chief Operating Officer of BxA Gaming