BxA Gaming welcomes our newest Streamer & Smash 4 Tournament Organizer

BxA Gaming is excited to welcome Dakota “Gooshi” Minda to our organization. Dakota is joining us as a partnered streamer and Smash 4 Tournament Organizer. Please give him a follow on Twitter: @GooshiGaming. Make sure to follow and check out his streams on Twitch: gooshigaming. Look for Gooshi to also be streaming on the BxA Gaming Twitch channel: BxAGamaing

When asked to provide an introduction Dakota shared: Hey everyone, I’m Dakota or Gooshi within the Smash scene and I’m a 23 year old Streamer/Smasher from Michigan. I’ve been playing Smash since it came out but entered the competitive scene in late 2007. That was around the time Brawl was “suppose” to come out, so I decided to hold out and goes to those tourneys instead of Melee’s. I was a huge Brawl player up until 2011 when I started to learn streaming while I entered tourneys (they were my test subjects.) My placings weren’t the best, so I decided that streaming full time would be more beneficial to the scene than being a player, so I became Michigan’s full-time streamer! If anyone has any comments or questions, you can hit me up on any Social Media (just add GooshiGaming) and I normally answer when I see it!

We’re excited to work with Dakota

Welcome Dakota “Gooshi” Minda to the #BxAFam

Thank you #BxAFam for all of your support