BxA Gaming welcomes our newest Streamer

BxA Gaming is excited to welcome Jesse “Killjoy” to our organization. Jesse is our newest streamer. Please give him a follow on Twitter: @Killjoy37x. Make sure to follow and check out his streams on Twitch: killjoy37666

When asked to provide an introduction Jesse shared: “My name’s Jesse AKA killjoy. I’m 20 years old. My name comes from Socom. I Play Call of Duty on a competitive level in the hopes of someday going pro. I mostly stream Call of Duty but I also stream many other games mainly whatever game I’m interested in at the time. I hope you enjoy my stream and welcome to the Joy Club!”

We’re excited to work with Jesse

Welcome Jesse “Killjoy” to the #BxAFam

Thank you #BxAFam for all of your support