North East Ohio Spring 2016 Smash 4 Power Rankings

On Friday April 8th, 2016 the North East Ohio PR Panel released the Spring 2016 Smash 4 Power Rankings for the North East Ohio Region. We’re excited to see that BxA Tekno, @SSB_Tekno, is ranked 1st, BxA Colinies, @colinies, is ranked 3rd, and BxA Munenori, @SSB_Munenori, is ranked 5th.¬†These rankings represent the time period from December 2015 to March 2016. This PR was based on Results, Head to Head, and Quality of Wins. The panel for deciding this PR was Colinies (Colin Landals), TekNo (Terence Woolfork Jr.), Munenori (Eddie KayBee Gonzalez), and Ayy Lmao (David Horner).

Congratulations TekNo, Colinies, & Munenori! ¬†Also¬†Congratulations to everyone that made the top 10 in the Power Rankings for Spring 2016 in North East Ohio. Tekno, Colinies & Munenori we’re extremely proud of you guys. Keep up the good work guys. #BxAFam