BxA Gaming welcomes our new Super Smash Player

BxA Gaming is excited to welcome Cory “Beegs” Beegle to our organization. Cory will represent us in the Super Smash community. Please give him a follow on Twitter: @datsBeegs.

When asked to provide an introduction Cory shared: “Hello! My name is Cory Beegle. I’m a Super Smash Bros. Melee / Super Smash 4 player who mains Marth, Sheik, and Cloud who is from Wooster, Ohio. I’ve been apart of the Smash scene for seven to 8 years and played in countless tournaments. While being fierce in the competitive scene, I’m probably one of the most kind hearted players as well which many people known me for. Smash as been a big part of my life and now has even became something even more. The future is something I’m greatly looking forward to with this team.”

We’re excited to work with Cory and watch him compete.

Welcome Cory to the #BxAFam

Thank you #BxAFam for all of your support