Broken Alliance Attends GameOnLLC GOeS COD LAN on November 28, 2015

On Saturday, November 28, 2015 GameOnLLC, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania held their GOeS COD preseason LAN event. The LAN was a double elimination tournament. To see the brackets from this event visit: GameOnLLC GOeS COD Preseaon LAN. For more information on GameOnLLC and their upcoming LAN events in COD, Gears of War, and Halo visit their website: GameOnLLC, to see their schedule click on Schedule and to see event information click on GOeS Events and select the game. Also follow GameOnLLC on Twitter @GameOnLLC.

Our COD team Broken Alliance attended the GameOnLLC GOeS COD Preseason LAN. Members of the team competing were Bryan “Instinctz” Plezia, Brett “KlinK” Kovach, Dawud “Magsy” White, and Cody “bPeen” Shultz. Follow the guys on Twitter @BxA_Instinctz, @BxA_Klink, @BxA_Magsy, and @BxA_bPeen.

The team won their first round match but then lost to BitterSweetGG and dropped down into the losers bracket. The guys made a great run in the losers bracket winning match-ups against Cowboy Killers, BDS, and Tru Gaming. In the grand finals the team went up against BitterSweetGG. The team was able to bring home the win.

The results of the GOeS COD preseason were: Broken Alliance (BxA) taking first, BitterSweetGG taking second, and Tru Gaming coming in third. Congratulations to the top three and good games to all teams that attended the event. The guys had a great time at the event both competing and meeting members of the other teams. The team is looking forward to the next GameOnLLC GOeS COD LAN which will be on December 19, 2014, also competing in one of the Activision Leagues, and attending future additional events.

We’re so proud of how the guys did and are looking forward to watching this team. #BxAFam