BxA Conquest competes in GHC Emeregence Day 2.0 Gears of War Tournament held on Sept. 5th 2015

On Saturday, September 5th, 2015 BxA Conquest competed in the Gear Head Central Emergence Day 2.0 Gears of War Ultimate Edition 4v4 tournament. The tournament consisted of 63 teams. It was a single elimination, execution game mode only tournament. The members of BxA Conquest competing in the tournament were BxA Phoenix, BxA Jaeger, BxA Revenger, and One Bad Unicorn. Also assisting with yesterdays tournament was BxA Jade, she served as a referee and did streaming for the event on her twitch channel.

BxA Conquest made it to Round 3, match # 53 against LoX where the team lost 2-0 to LOX. Good Games to the guys on LoX.

The 1st place in the tournament went to Fury, the 2nd place team was iiNKED eSports, and 3rd place went to GLory. Congratulations to these teams & to all teams that competed yesterday.

BxA Gaming would like to say thank you to Gear Head Central and the staff for holding yesterday’s tournament. For more information on Gear Head Central visit their website at: http://gearheadcentral.net/ and give them a follow on Twitter @GHCENTRAL.