BxA Silver Team Roster

BxA Gaming has added a youth division for gamer’s who are under 16 years old. Our first BxA youth team is BxA Silver who will be competing in Call of Duty. The team currently competes in Call of Duty Advance Warfare on Xbox One. In November the team will move to Call of Duty Black OPS III. The team has not yet decided if they will switch to PS4 or remain on Xbox One.

The roster for BxA Silver is team captain: BxA Cozmo, team co-captain: BxA Murkany, and team members: Instinct tc and Impure herro. If you are interested in having a scrim against BxA Silver please contact BxA Cozmo or BxA Murkany on Xbox Live.

Welcome to BxA Gaming boys. We look forward to seeing you guys compete in Call of Duty.