BxA Fab Five Roster is complete

We’re excited to announce that the Xbox One Smite team roster for BxA Fab Five is now complete. The full team roster consists of team captain: BxA All Father, gamertag: BxA AllFather, and team co-captain: BxA BxATermin8er, gamertag: HxSTermin8ter. Team members are: BxA El Rey, gamertag: El Rey de Almas, BxA Kingderge, gamertag: King Derge, and BxA Baxter127, gamertag: Baxter127. The team has been actively practicing and participating in GameBattles tournaments. If interested in having a scrim against BxA Fab Five please contact BxA All Father or BxA Termin8er on Xbox Live.

Welcome to BxA Gaming guys. We look forward to watching you guys compete in Smite.