GameOnLLC Sponsorship

We’re excited to announce that BxA Gaming is now sponsored by GameOnLLC. This is an exciting and huge opportunity for the organization. GameOnLLC is a major player in the eSports scene and holds monthly LAN events for Call of Duty, Halo, and Gears. We will be sending teams to compete at their events. We’re excited to work with this wonderful organization and look forward to big things ahead for both GameOnLLC and BxA Gaming.

GameOn Party Planners, LLC is a corporation that provides a unique entertainment video game service to customers who desire quality social entertainment for their family or friends but may not possess the knowledge of video games or video game equipment. The target audience of GameOn Party Planners consists of several specific sets of audience: traditional gamer’s who love participating in video game tournaments, traditional gamer’s who desire quality entertainment for a special event, and non-traditional gamer’s who desire quality entertainment for a special event for their son, daughter, or any other loved one as well as him or herself. GameOn Party Planners service packages provide several gaming consoles, LCD televisions, an entertainment center and chair for each video game system, copies of the requested video game, a tournament bracket, and any required accessories. The employees clean, sanitize, and repair the provided equipment after each use to provide the customers with the best equipment available. Each customer is presented with a legal document explaining the ESRB video game ratings, his or her responsibility to inform parents of underage children about these ratings, and his or her responsibility to provide compensation for the services and any damages the customer or his or her guests accumulate to the equipment.

They are located at: 1105 Rochester Road Pittsburgh, PA 15237 Across from Sir Pizza behind Fischer. Please follow them on Twitter @GameOnLLC. Visit their website at: Also check out their streams and follow their channel at: Also check them out on Facebook at: