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BxA Halo News

BxA Gaming is excited to announce the formation of BxA SideFX our Halo team. The team captain is BxA EDamiate and Co-Captain is BxA Rangy. The team is excited to begin competing and looking forward to the release of Halo 5 coming this October. For more information about BxA SideFX please contact BxA EDamiate on Xbox Live at: BxA EDamiate or on Twitter @BxA_EDamite or BxA Rangy on Xbox Live at: BxA Rangy or on Twitter @BxA_Rangy.

The roster for BxA SideFX is BxA EDamite, BxA Rangy, and Guardside. The team is currently looking for a fourth. BxA SideFx will be representing BxA Gaming at monthly Halo LAN events held by GameOnLLC, additional Halo events, in online ladders, and tournaments. For more information about GameOnLLC please visit their website: http://gameonpartyplanners.com/ and follow them on Twitter @GameOnLLC. We look forward to working with the team members of BxA SideFx. Can’t wait to see you guys compete in Halo.