About Us

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BxA Gaming started in 2006 as a gaming community. We wanted to create an environment for both competitive and casual gamers to feel at home. BxA Gaming started competing in Gears of War 1 and have continued to compete both online and at LAN events for each competitive Gears of War title.

In late 2014 we decided to transition away from being a gaming community and formed into an organization that started expanding into other gaming titles and platforms. While we got our start in Gears of War BxA Gaming is continually growing and working towards competing and having a presence in the various major competitive titles. We’re continually looking to add players and teams that compete on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Wii U to our organization. Our players and teams compete in various online ladders, online tournaments, and travel to compete at events throughout the United States.

Here at BxA we want our players and staff to feel like this is a family not just an organization. We believe in Truth, Loyalty, Respect, Family and Honor. As BxA Gaming continues to grow we are excited for what’s to come for our players and teams. We expect big things in the future and are looking forward to growing our presence in the North American eSports scene.