BxA Gaming welcomes BxA Angel as our new Chief Financial Officer


BxA Gaming is excited to welcome & introduce Sinh “Angel” Taylor as the newest member of our management team. Sinh is taking on the role of Chief Financial Officer. She brings to BxA past management experience from working with other organizations. Please give Angel a follow on Twitter at: @SynthetikxAngel. When asked to provide an introduction Sinh shared: […]

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BxA Gaming welcomes our new Xbox One Smite Team


BxA Gaming is excited to announce our new Xbox One Smite team. The team will compete under the team name Broken Alliance. Captain/Mid Lane: Malcolm “Urat3d” Curry, Twitter: @Curry_sauc3 ADC/Carry/Hunter : Aaron “Blightin” Trotter, Twitter:[email protected] Support: Casey “Midnight” Quintern, Twitter: @MidnightFeeds47 Jungle: Felipe “Krazeh P” Rojas, Twitter: @Krazeh_P Solo Lane: Luis “LordDreadTitan” Duque, Twitter: @LordCarryTitan If […]

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BxA Gaming Custom Controllers


Our official BxA Gaming Custom Controllers are only available through Controller Chaos. If you want to game in style and are in the market for a new controller then check out Controller Chaos. Visit our official BxA Controllers: http://www.controllerchaos.com/bxa-gaming-custom-controllers.html. Use code: BxA at checkout to save on your order. Controller Chaos has BxA Gaming custom controllers […]

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